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Skip to content Clapham Shopper This is Clapham are running a support local campaign with local businesses offering a free l organic cotton Clapham shopping bag when you spend over £30 in one of our participating stores. The bag retails online for £10.
The list of participating shops are –
TODAY’S LIVING, 92 Clapham High StreetCLAPHAM BOOKS, 26 The PavementAPEX CYCLE, 40-42 Clapham High StreetDROP ON THE COMMON, 10a The PolygonWANDSWORTH OASIS, 45 Old TownSNAPPY SNAPS, 116 Clapham High StreetDVINE CELLARS, 1 Voltaire RoadBIRKSEN, 40a Old TownFRUITS AND MORE, 86-90 Clapham High StreetNORTH STREET POTTERS, 24 North StreetFETCH, Arch 642 Voltaire RoadSHELTER BOUTIQUE, 31 The PavementREX AND WOLFE, 14 Old TownTHE GEORGIAN, 102-104 Clapham High Street This programme has been funded through the Welcome Back Fund, designed to support High Streets post Covid, with funding provided by the European Regional Development Fund and HM Government.

Did You Know What Tree Is?

Tree House Clapham – Trees. In botany, a tree is a perennial plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting branches and leaves in most species. In some usages, the definition of a tree may be narrower, which includes only wood plant life with secondary increase, plant life which can be usable as lumber or … Read more

10 Great and Worst Things About Living in Clapham

Clapham-Local Treehouse Jago77

Tree House Clapham – One of South London’s better diagnosed areas, Clapham is a big and well-known place in which to live. Whether you are a singleton looking for a lively social existence and a quick tour to work, or a personal own family looking for big houses, correct schools and entertainment activities, Clapham can … Read more

Permainan Kartu : UNO

Games Poker – UNO (Bahasa Spanyol dan bahasa Italia berasal dari kata “Satu”) adalah suatu permainan kartu yang dimainkan bersama dengan kartu dicetak spesifik. Permainan ini dikembangkan terhadap 1971 oleh Merle Robbins. Sekarang ini merupakan product Mattel.

Peraturan Normal

Tujuan permainan ini adalah jadi pemain pertama yang mencetak 500 poin, dicapai (Biasanya didalam sebagian putaran permainan) bersama dengan jadi yang pertama memainkan seluruh kartu di tangan dan mendapat poin berasal dari kartu yang masih dipegang oleh pemain lain.

Satu dek memuat 108 kartu yang terdiri berasal dari:

4 kartu ‘Wild’4 kartu ‘Wild Draw 4’100 kartu yang terbagi atas 4 rona (Merah, kuning, hijau, biru), masing-masing rona terdiri atas:1 kartu angka 02 kartu masing-masing angka 1 hingga 92 kartu ‘Skip’2 kartu ‘Reverse’2 kartu ‘Draw 2’

Kartu ‘Skip’, ‘Reverse’ dan ‘Draw’ biasa disebut ‘Kartu Aksi’

Untuk memulai permainan, tujuh kartu dibagikan satu per satu kepada tiap tiap pemain, dan kartu terat..