Clapham Common – Lambeth

Tree House Clapham – One of south London’s maximum essential open spaces, jutting into south Battersea from the western aspect of Clapham.

From the time of Domesday Book this changed into uncultivated land, cut up among the manors of Battersea and Clapham. The bad fine of the soil blanketed it from exploitation at a time while neighbouring fields got here beneathneath the plough. A windmill changed into erected in 1631 and horse racing came about right here from 1674.

Certain issues arose cyclically, in general revolving round problems of possession and duty for the not unusualplace’s upkeep. The situation of the terrain changed into regularly allowed to become worse to an overgrown and boggy kingdom earlier than enhancements have been made.

Owners of homes bordering the not unusualplace periodically tried to increase their residences onto the not unusualplace land till prison measures compelled them to retreat. In 1716 tensions over grazing rights erupted right into a turf conflict while Battersea parishioners dug a boundary ditch bisecting the not unusualplace. Clapham parishioners right away crammed it in.

By the mid-18th century the not unusualplace’s edges had grow to be a favoured area to construct one’s united states retreat, specifically at the north side. The Pavement divided the not unusualplace from Clapham’s Old Town and the Plough and Windmill public homes have been well-installed. Mount Pond have been fashioned through the extraction of gravel.

Holy Trinity church changed into constructed in 1776. At this time the not unusualplace changed into nonetheless an critical sensible amenity for regular people, offering firewood and water, in addition to pasture for livestock – or even an area to thread out a bathing line among trees. These practices started to die out as extra villas and institutions (specifically non-public girls’ schools) encircled the not unusualplace. Sports golf equipment installed themselves right here, such as Clapham golfing membership and Clapham Rovers soccer membership.

In 1877 the Metropolitan Board of Works obtained the not unusualplace from the lords of the manors, bringing a bandstand right here from South Kensington in 1890. Clapham have become a famous area for day trips, with a classier recognition than the nearest opportunity not unusualplace, at Kennington. Shown withinside the picturegraph below, Eagle Pond changed into used for boating however it’s miles now one of the angling ponds, with reed beds planted at its edges.

A institution of homes changed a grove of chestnut bushes at the back of the Windmill Inn withinside the Eighteen Nineties however the common’s integrity has in any other case been preserved. Clapham Common now has dozens of pitches for nearly each type of outside recreation and is a ordinary venue for fairs, rallies and concerts.