How Many Trees Does It Take To Produce Oxygen For One Person?

Tree House Clapham – Trees launch oxygen after they use electricity from daylight to make glucose from carbon dioxide and water. Like all plants, timber additionally use oxygen after they break up glucose back off to launch electricity to strength their metabolisms. Averaged over a 24-hour period, they produce greater oxygen than they use up; in any other case there might be no internet benefit in growth.

It takes six molecules of CO2 to provide one molecule of glucose via way of means of photosynthesis, and 6 molecules of oxygen are launched as a via way of means of-product. A glucose molecule consists of six carbon atoms, so that’s a internet benefit of 1 molecule of oxygen for each atom of carbon delivered to the tree. A mature sycamore tree is probably round 12m tall and weigh tonnes, along with the roots and leaves. If it grows via way of means of 5 in keeping with cent every year, it’s going to produce round 100kg of wood, of which 38kg could be carbon. Allowing for the relative molecular weights of oxygen and carbon, this equates to 100kg of oxygen in keeping with tree in keeping with year.

A human breathes approximately 9.five tonnes of air in a year, however oxygen most effective makes up approximately 23 in keeping with cent of that air, via way of means of mass, and we most effective extract a touch over a 3rd of the oxygen from every breath. That works out to a complete of approximately 740kg of oxygen in keeping with year. Which is, very roughly, seven or 8 timber’ worth.

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