10 Great and Worst Things About Living in Clapham

Tree House Clapham – One of South London’s better diagnosed areas, Clapham is a big and well-known place in which to live. Whether you are a singleton looking for a lively social existence and a quick tour to work, or a personal own family looking for big houses, correct schools and entertainment activities, Clapham can offer all of the above and more. Let’s take a look at some of the experts and cons of the place, despite the fact that to be honest, it’s been hard to find out many cons!

Clapham Common

If you need outside existence then having the ever-gift Common on the doorstep is probably a huge bonus. Not handiest does it have a big network of paths for joggers and cyclists, it moreover hosts masses of activities throughout the twelve months which encompass in the future festivals and football tournaments.

Transport into London

The busiest station withinside america of the us is stated to be Clapham Junction, and despite it being on the actual fringes of Clapham itself, it’s far an indicator of the good shipping links withinside the vicinity. From Clapham Junction, the rail service into precious London is rapid and regular –spherical 35 trains an hour and a journey time of about 8 minutes into Waterloo. There are also a number of tube stations withinside the district offering a incredibly quick service to specific areas of the city.

Cycle friendly

If you need ride to the city through manner of approach of bike, then Clapham is a brilliant preference as somewhere to live, manner to the distinctly new Cycle Superhighway CS7 that runs through the vicinity. This offers a committed cycle vicinity on the road, with a journey time of spherical 30 minutes into Westminster.

Lively nightlife

Like many areas of London, Clapham has a big sort of pubs, ingesting locations and clubs spread all through the district. The location spherical Clapham High Street is mainly lively but there are plenty of various quieter spots if you are looking for a more cushty night time out.

The council tax conundrum

There’s a fee of dwelling quirk to dwelling in Clapham that you can use in your advantage if you choose out the right region to live. Clapham straddles London boroughs so counting on in which you live you’ll probably fall into the borough of Wandsworth with famously low council tax, or as an alternative you’ll probably find yourself in Lambeth paying almost double than your Wandsworth neighbours. It’s nicely honestly nicely really well worth looking into in which the boundary is if coins is tight!


Looking at assets in general, on the aspect of the rest of London, fees and rental values had been frequently developing but if you look hard enough there are offers to be hard. From the conventional Georgian shape of Clapham Old Town, to the rows of Victorian terraces, there are a huge sort of houses withinside the region if you want to in form any ability purchaser.

Community spirit

Clapham was badly tormented by the rioting that affected many areas of London in 2011. However, the residents of the district showed that that they had a real revel in of community spirit with the useful resource of the usage of coming together withinside the subsequent days and working together to clear up the worst-affected areas. Pictures of the humans of Clapham holding their brushes and brooms up withinside the air have been extensively validated on the news, and showed humans that it’s far one of the areas of London in which delight in one’s community prevails.

New developments

A lot of regeneration has taken vicinity in Clapham in modern-day years. Most recently, a ultra-modern enjoyment centre, library and community centre have been opened, presenting residents first-rate new reassets and enjoyment space.

Shops and markets

Although the region is nicely served via the identical antique supermarkets and chain shops, there are also pockets of impartial shops and markets scattered spherical Clapham. The Venn Street Market takes vicinity every Saturday selling food, crafts and plants. There are also normal farmers markets held withinside the region and numerous delis, coffee shops and boutiques.

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