The Clapham Wood Mystery

Tree House Clapham – The international has a protracted records of forests with seemingly supernatural qualities, from the mythical Black Forest of southwestern Germany, wherein each way of creature, from werewolves to sorcerers, are stated to originate. To England’s haunted Wychwood Forest, probable the maximum haunted wooded area in Britain. To Japan’s Aokigahara Forest, additionally referred to as the Sea of Trees, wherein greater than 500 suicides had been said for the reason that 1950’s.

There’s some thing vaguely romantic approximately a mysterious wood, like Sherwood Forest of Robin Hood fame, which turned into referred to as a haven for the whole thing evil. The concept that a wooded area holds depraved truths and supernatural strength appears to talk to us in a primal way. Ancient testimonies perpetuate the myths of such haunted locations, and the anonymity of a ghost tale regarding this type of extensive place appears to present license to a number city legends.

One such example of excessive-strangeness is Clapham Wood, wherein the aptly named Clapham Wood Mystery has been confounding paranormal researchers for decades. Located in West Sussex, England, Clapham Wood stands to the north of the small village of Clapham. Historically, Clapham has been an archetypal English village, one that’s been round, likely, in view that Saxon times. Over the final three hundred years, it has remained in large part hidden from the outdoor international, except, that is, for the final 4 decades.

Perhaps the maximum mundane function of Clapham Wood is it’s abundance of UFO sightings. Since the 1960’s there had been loads of weird sightings each withinside the woods and withinside the village itself. Of course, to mention that UFO sightings are mundane may also provide you with the incorrect impression. The place has been the focal point of a remarkable deal of UFOlogical study, and has hosted some of sky-looking vigils over the years. In addition, human beings have said unexplained nausea and the awesome feeling that they had been being followed. Reports of a peculiar gray mist acting abruptly on pathways all through the wood, and times of ghostly forces pushing hikers and canine-walkers had been recognised for years. And research the use of a Geiger counter confirmed a barely better degree of radiation withinside the place, even though the measurements are fleeting and hard to localise.

The motive for the moniker Clapham Wood Mystery though, is its ties to Satanic Cults. In 1975, citizens of Clapham had been plagued with the aid of using peculiar ailments and the disappearances of loved pets.

Three instances in particular – which had been blanketed broadly with the aid of using the press – instructed of puppies that went lacking with out a hint and a 3rd that suffered a mysterious paralysation. The son of Peter Love, whilst on foot their own circle of relatives chow withinside the wood, watched as his canine ran among thicket of timber withinside the wooded area and disappeared, in no way to be visible again. The following week, farmer John Cornford’s collie disappeared withinside the identical place. A 1/3 canine, a golden retriever owned with the aid of using Mr E.F. Rawlins turned into observed in part paralysed after walking into the woods, the reason of which turned into in no way decided and which ultimately caused its being euthanized. This turned into simplest the top of the iceberg however.

In April 1972, the frame of an unidentified younger female turned into observed in Clapham Woods. The case turned into investigated with the aid of using Police Constable Peter Goldsmith, amongst others at his detachment. In June of the identical year, Goldsmith himself disappeared. Goldsmith, a former Royal Marine Commando had final been visible on foot throughout the Rolling Downs (grassy chalk hills) close to the town’s thirteenth century church. Despite extreme research and a extensive seek of the whole place, his frame wasn’t observed till six months later, on thirteen December, amid a thick patch of bramble much less than a 1/2 of mile from the region wherein the ladies frame were observed. No suspect turned into ever identified, nor turned into a reason of dying.

And it doesn’t give up there

In July 1975, pensioner Leon Foster disappeared and turned into finally observed 3 weeks later, with the aid of using a pair who had been trying to find a horse withinside the wood, a horse that had additionally long past lacking below mysterious circumstances. Next, on Halloween of 1978, the vicar of Clapham, the retired Reverend Harry Snelling went lacking. His frame turned into observed 3 years later, with the aid of using a Canadian tourist. Again, no reason of dying will be identified.

And in 1981 a homeless schizophrenic named Jillian Mathews disappeared. When her frame turned into observed withinside the wooded area police decided that she were raped and strangled.[1]

While no offender turned into ever introduced to account for those heinous crimes, this doesn’t suggest that there aren’t some theories approximately who turned into responsible. Paranormal investigator Charles Walker, who turned into searching into the peculiar goings-on in and round Clapham, obtained a cellphone name from an unknown guy. Described as “well-spoken”, the person claimed to have internal information of the reason of the peculiar happenings of Clapham Wood. A very spooky late-night time rendezvous turned into organized internal Clapham Woods, on the “Cross-Roads”. When Walker arrived on the agreed region, he should discover no person there, till a voice known as out from a close-by bramble claiming that it’d be risky for each of them if Walker had visible the identification of the mysterious tipster.

The hid informant defined that he turned into an provoke of a Satanist cult known as The Friends of Hecate. He claimed that the woods had been used for his or her month-to-month meetings, and that the lacking animals were used as sacrifices to Hecate. He made no point out of the deaths of the Constable, or the Reverend, or any of the others, however Walker drew a connection among all the activities simply the identical. The mysterious guy then issued a dire caution, saying:

“There are human beings in excessive locations involved, maintaining positions of strength and authority, who will tolerate no interference. We will forestall at not anything to make certain the protection of our cult.”

This caution got here near at the heels of Reverend Snelling’s disappearance, which befell slightly per week before.

The Friends of Hecate are reportedly an occult sect that worships Hecate, an historical pagan goddess stated to be related to cross-roads, fire, light, the Moon, magic, witchcraft, information of herbs and toxic plants, necromancy, and sorcery.

Typically, worship of Hecate unearths it roots in a re-assessment of historical Greek mythology, and isn’t with ease attributed to Satanism. Nonetheless, The Friends of Hecate laid declare to the mysterious woods of Clapham for a length of at the least 20 years, allegedly maintaining month-to-month ritualistic gatherings, at which a blood sacrifice turned into continually required. It is thought that the institution used the Clapham Woods till they had been compelled to discover an change region after the Great Storm of 1987 broken massive tracts of the wooded area.

Apparently because of all of the struggling and dying which have befell in and round Clapham Woods, many paranormal investigators nowadays agree with the wooded area to be many of the maximum haunted locations in England. When one considers the morbid records of the place followed with the aid of using the said UFO activity, one is difficult pressed to maintain skepticism of this assertion.

It appears clean though; some thing peculiar calls the woods of Clapham home.

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