Clapham High Street railway station

Clapham High Street Station is on the South London Line in Clapham, in the London Borough of Lambeth, Greater London. It is measured 10.1 km (6 miles 21 chains) from London Bridge (the old LC and DR platforms are also 2 miles 25 chains (3.7 km) measured from London Victoria). to Battersea Park under the control of the London Rail Division of Transport for London and a daily south-east service to Ashford International. It’s close to Clapham North tube station, and the interchange between the two counts as an interchange outside of the Oyster station, so passengers are charged for a single journey rather than two separate journeys.


The typical off-peak and peak service is four London Overground trains per hour to Clapham Junction and four trains per hour to Dalston Junction via Shoreditch High Street, joining the East London Line at Surrey Quays.

From nine December 2012, London Overground offerings started out running among Clapham Junction and Surrey Quays, finishing the orbital path round London. As a result, all Southern offerings have been withdrawn and changed with London Overground offerings, with 4 trains calling in keeping with hour.

Clapham High Street railway station Service


The station become opened on 25 August 1862 through the London, Chatham and Dover Railway (LCDR) as Clapham, renamed Clapham & North Stockwell from May 1863. The London, Brighton and South Coast Railway (LBSCR) direction (contemporary Atlantic Line, regularly mentioned through its antique call of South London Line) become legal through an 1863 Act of Parliament and parallels the unique 1862 LCDR direction eastwards among Wandsworth Road and Brixton and beyond. Until the 1923 grouping all traces thru the station have been owned through the LCDR, with leased to the LBSCR for his or her sole use.

A 1908 Railway Clearing House map of traces round Clapham High Street
The unique ‘south’ 1862 line become leased to the LBSCR in 1867 and the LCDR used the new ‘north’ 1867 traces.

The present structures, collectively with the Grade II indexed 1862 station constructing, shape the unique station. These structures have been utilized by the LCDR from 1862 to 1867, and the LBSCR till the 1923 grouping.

The 1867 LCDR structures have been closed on three April 1916 and eventually demolished.The eastbound platform’s station constructing become destroyed through a bomb in 1944.

The LCDR 1866 station constructing (at the north side) become in part demolished in 1924 after the 1916 closure, in the end being demolished withinside the overdue 1970s. In British Rail days, get entry to to the structures become through a subway at the north side.

The unique south 1862 constructing become sold, being to begin with used as a furnishings warehouse earlier than being redeveloped in 2003 as residential accommodation. It is now Grade II indexed. The platform had a full-period cover that become demolished withinside the overdue 1970s.

The line among London Victoria and London Bridge become electrified at 6600 V AC at the overhead device on 1 December 1909. It become re-electrified in 1928 the use of 0.33 rail 660 V DC and the overhead become dismantled.

In 1937 it become renamed Clapham earlier than receiving its contemporary call in 1989 to keep away from confusion with Clapham Junction.

The station in 1984 with fencing being erected among the platform and previous station constructing
In 2012 Southern refurbished the eastbound platform, erecting a brand new fence and repaving the surface. In overdue 2012, London Overground erected new ready shelters and station call signs.