Clapham South tube station

Clapham South tube station

Clapham South is a station on the North London Underground line between Clapham Common and Balham. The station is at the southern end of Clapham Common, on the corner of Balham Hill (A24) and Nightingale Lane. It can also be used as Travel Card Zone 2 and Travel Card Zone 3.


The station is served by London Buses 50, 155, 249, 355, G1, 690, as well as the night line N155.

Clapham South tube station


The station was designed by Charles Holden and opened on September 13, 1926 as the first station to extend the City and South London railroad in Morden, which is now part of the North Line. Other proposed station names before opening are “Balham North” and “Nightingale Lane”.

The apartments above the station, named Westbury Court, were built in the mid 1930s. The parade of shops along Balham Hill has been extended under the same development using the same style as the original three closest stations.

The station was refurbished in the 90s, with new floors, tiles, and CCTV cameras – albeit ensuring that Charles Holden’s original features were restored or recreated. Conservation works were awarded with the National Railway Heritage Award.

It is one of the eight stations of the London Underground, under which there is an air raid shelter. In 1948, a deep shelter served as temporary accommodation for immigrants from the West Indies. HMT Empire Windrush arrived in Tilbury in 1948, carrying 492 immigrants. After the war, London suffered from a severe labor shortage, and the Colonial Bureau struggled to recruit labor from Jamaica. On April 13, 1948, an advertisement appeared in Jamaica’s Daily Gleaner offering transport to Great Britain. Windrush filled up quickly. Since there was no room for all newcomers, the Colonial Bureau placed many of them temporarily in a deep-level shelter in Clapham South. The underground shelter opened its doors to visitors in 2016.